Now Morai ROB’s Poll Opened…? A girder collapsed….!


In Valsad district, the incident of gaps in the Sanjan Bridge and the bridge near Valsad in the ongoing work of ROB created a stir. That event is not over yet. A girder collapsed during the construction of the ROB at Morai, now questions have been raised against the operation of this bridge and its contractor.

According to the details received from the official of PWD regarding the incident, the girder on the bridge fell down during the operation. There was no loss of life or other damage in the incident. However, the construction of the railway overbridge at Morai village near Vapi has been going on for a long time. Main four lane railway connecting Vapi East West in Vapi

The system is working hard to complete the overbridge, the overbridge near Balitha and the overbridge at Morai Gate at the earliest. Then it is imperative to take care so that the construction work like overbridge of Sanjan or Valsad does not take place in this ROB.

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