Why is it necessary for SEBI to re-examine the audit done on survival techno company which was made a private limited company by SEBI even though the closure was given in ankleshwar godown and sarigam unit of survival techno company? Who do investors trust in survival companies? Read our special report!! A survival company that frequently damages the environment and neglects safety.

report editor Anish shekh

When a private limited company is converted into a limited company, first it has to follow many government rules and regulations and there are many government audits that have to be passed. And thousands of people make INVESTMENT by trusting government and company..But survival comp was closed 3 to 4 times in the last 2 to 3 years for damaging the environment and neglecting safety. It was also reported that waste incineration in the premises of Shill Drum Company was done by this company…

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Survival Techno Company found closure in Ankleshwar
As for survival company, while storing waste chemicals in the unit of Ankleshwar, on Monday, December 2, 2019, it was broadcasted in Gujarat Samachar that there was a severe fire incident and the survival techno company was fined and the godown was closed. Notice was given,, thereafter..

On 19 December. : Closure of survival company of Sarigam, urgent to pay 50 lakhs

Hazardous chemical waste was found buried in the ground
On December 19, GPCB excavated from the survival company premises in Sarigam GIDC and found drums of toxic chemicals buried in the ground. After reporting this to the head office, the Gandhinagar head office of GPCB has ordered closure of the survival company and disconnection of water and electricity with immediate effect. After that plot no. near bypass road of Sarigam GIDC. In 1013, 1015, 1017, 1114, 1120 and 1118
A company named Survival Technology Pvt. Ltd., which manufactures Pharma Intermediate, was disposing of Harmful Chemical Waste by burying it in the ground in violation of the policy of GPCB, endangering human life. Dr. Nirav Shah, an aware citizen and panchayat member of Sarigam, drew attention to this by writing a written representation to GPCB. After which, on 19 December 2020, in the presence of Sarigam GPCB officer Rajesh Mehta, three drums of 200 liters were found buried in the ground while digging in the company premises.

The officials were shocked to see toxic fumes coming out of the excavated drums exploding explosively, and the locals were also outraged. The regional office of Sarigam GPCB, while reporting the above matter to the head office Gandhinagar, issued a closure notice to the survival company and asked it to disconnect the water and electricity connection with immediate effect. The company has been asked to fill an EDC of approximately Rs 50 lakh as per the guidelines of the Gujarat Pollution Control Board. This report was published 3 years ago in Bhaskar

Then 30 August two years ago Closure from Sarigam Survival Company Safety Officer

A sudden blast took place at Survival Technologies Private Limited Company located in Sarigam GIDC of Valsad district on Monday. The workers from the surrounding companies rushed to the sudden blast. 5 workers were injured in the blast at Survival Company. While 1 worker died on the spot. Bhilad Police, Sarigam GPCP Officer, Factory Inspector, Naib Mamlatdar and the presence of Forensic Team took down the body after shooting video.Bhilad left for his native Madhya Pradesh on the night of August 30 with the body handed over to the family of PM Kari in CHC. It has been learned that a closure notice has been given to the company by the safety officer. The report of the matter was also published in Bhaskar News..

In Survival Sarigam unit on 6/8/2023 Panic was caused by seeing yellowish gas in the humid atmosphere.. Factory Inspecr Ordered under section 40(1) for safety compliances..

Then immediately a few days ago on 6/8/2023 in the month of August, a report was broadcast in the Sandesh news paper about the incident of gas leakage in the industry of Survival Technology Private Limited.
A condenser burst in an industry in Sarigam Industrial Estate on Sunday, affecting workers in the area due to toxic chemical spillage. In this incident, the workers ran to save their lives. Pharmaceutical intermediates are manufactured by Survival Technology Pvt Ltd. industry operating in Plot No. 1013 to 1120 of Sarigam Industrial Estate. In this industry on Sunday around eleven and a half hours during the production process there was a blast due to the temperature control in the condenser going out of control.
The blast was very intense. Also, after the blast, the toxic chemical gas suddenly started leaking. So the workers were scared to work in the industrial premises and surrounding industry. The workers started coughing, coughing, eye-chest irritation after inhaling toxic chemical gas.

So these workers ran to save their lives. After this incident, the employee Brijesh Mishra closed the main gate of the industrial premises to suppress the whole matter. Meanwhile, Bhilad police came to know about this incident and reached there to investigate. But the employees dismissed the Bhilad Polish saying there was no incident and no casualty.
On the other hand, the employees investigated by the Gujarat Pollution Control Board Sarigam in this incident said that the burst condenser caused the workers to run away. In this regard, a report was published in Sandesh News Paper on 7/8/2023.

The video of the gas leak that happened on Sunday was also seen with some people in Sarigam Panthak. Any information regarding this will be submitted in our next report.
In the last 2 to 3 years, 4 to 5 times in the last 2 to 3 years, the survival company that has been in controversy has been converted into a private limited by SEBI, who will the investors trust? Were the auditors unaware of this? What are the survival company investors unaware of? Thousands of people are investing their crores of rupees without trusting the company and the government when it is converted into a limited company.

Why is the system silent against the survival techno company which repeatedly violates the rules of Gpcb and causes damage to the environment?? SEBI should conduct a thorough investigation before bringing shares of such unaccountable companies to the market

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